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Bicycle® cards, whose name comes from the Rider Back design, are the best-known playing cards in the world, being in constant production since 1885. Printed by the US Playing Card Co., no other brand is seen more often in the hands of top professionals.

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Bicycle Playing Cards: The industry standard

Bicycle playing cards are among the most well-known poker cards par excellence and contain the French standard set of 52 playing cards with red or blue backs of cards and 13 spades, diamonds, hearts and cross cards each. The salient feature of the Bicycle poker cards is the back of the card, on which the distinctive wheels, the eponymous "bicycles", have been depicted in various variations since 1885.

The classic Standard Bicycle Cards 808 Rider Back show a playful, but rather simple map back with said bicycles and angel pictures. Meanwhile, much bolder Bicycle Cards are also available, such as the comic reminiscent Maiden Black Playing Cards or the Bicycle Alchemy Playing Cards, which are reduced to the colors black and white and emit a gloomy atmosphere.

Due to their excellent build quality, Bicycle poker cards enjoy an excellent reputation not only with poker players around the world, but above all with magicians.

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